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It takes a smart graduate to become a manager within a few years. But it takes extra ingenuity, passion and humility to WANT MORE, DO MORE & CONTRIBUTE MORE to become a great LEADER with impact.

Unilever Future Leaders Program is the best choice to develop you as a dynamic BUSINESS LEADER of the future with huge DIFFERENCES, enabling you to grow and make a POSITIVE impact not only on your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL life but also on PEOPLE around you

Are you ready to make it? If yes, Unilever will support you.



Graduates expect a lot these days. You want professional training and development, opportunities for international exposure, creative and dynamic work environment, integration of your personal interests in your schedule and recognizing performance culture, etc. We understand your expectations and would like to offer you more than these.

When you join UFLP, you will be taking part in a program that is unique in its challenge and scope for development. It is meant to give you a real taste of challenge, working on real jobs with real goals and interaction world-class experts.  And the focus is not just on building your professional development, but on helping you become a more well-rounded person; a ‘whole-person’ focus. Along with sharpening your professional skills to master the expertise in your chosen business area, you will learn to channel your strengths and build the influence to inspire and lead other people. You will be given all the tools you need for success, and you will be expected to achieve it.

The rewards are great, as the people who come through this program will become Unilever’s future leaders. And they will be leaders with a difference, people who have grown as professionals and as people, who have been operating in a global company whose mission includes the principle of ‘doing well by doing good’, mixing commercial business drivers with sustainability, environment & social responsibility. And at the end of the day, you and people around you will benefit that.

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